Selected Publications


2018 (forthcoming) Bellevue Literary Journal "The Stag          Beetles"
2018 (forthcoming): Dispositions Anthology—Dogfish/          Walker Percy Center for Writing & Publishing at
         Loyola University [anthology], "The GoodLife"
2018: Lumina "Record and Tape"
2017: The Encyclopedia Project, vol. L-Z, "Occultation"
2017: Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano,: Bookmarked,          by David Ryan; Ig Publishing
2017: Juked, "Black Sun"—Nominated for a Pushcart Prize
2016: New World Writing, "Barcarole"
2016: No Tokens, "The Wedding Present"
2015 (November 8th): S (The Connecticut Post's Sunday          Magazine), "The Good Life", "State Forests", and         "Fidelity" (excerpted)
2014: Animals in Motion: Stories by David Ryan from
        Roundabout Press
2014: Electric Literature, "New Moon"
2014: Esquire Magazine, "Security" (Digital Edition)
2014: Unsaid, "The Host's Son"
2014: Fence, "The Canyon"
2013: Booth, "State Forests" (nominated for a Pushcart         Prize)
2013: Hayden's Ferry Review, Spring 2013, "The Man With         the Boat"
2013:, "Mouth"
2012: Boston Noir 2: The Classics Anthology (Akashic         Books), "At Night"
2012: The Mississippi Review 30 Year Anthology, "The Dogs"
2010: A Picture's Worth, "The Doe"
2006: Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories (WW         Norton), "The Good Life"
2006: Nerve, Winter, "The Prince"
2005: Hobart, Spring, "Lady Liberty"
2003: New Orleans Review, Spring, "The Good Life"
2003: Denver Quarterly, Spring, "The Dolls"
2003: Mississippi Review Prize, "The Dogs"
2003: Mississippi Review Special Issue (guest edited
        by Rick Moody), "Security"
2002: Tin House, Issue 10, Winter, "Needle Park"
2002: Salt Hill, Issue 10/11, Winter, "The Contortionist"
2002: Cimarron Review, Issue 138, Winter, "The Bull Elk"
2001: Alaska Quarterly Review, (Vol. 19 No. 1&2), Winter,         "Woman Descending"
2001: 5 Trope, Fall, "The Beekeeper"
2000: Mississippi Review Prize, "Talent"
1999: Mississippi Review Prize, "Roswell"
1998: BOMB, Fall, "At Night"


2018: Lumina Journal: "Record and Tape" (forthcoming)
2014: The Story Prize Blog: "David Ryan and the Crowded Room"
2014: The Believer Logger: "Developing the Beauty of the Riddle: Rick Moody Interviews David Ryan"
2013: Hayden's Ferry Review Blog: "Contributor Spotlight: David Ryan"
2011: Blip, essay, "13"
2002: Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature:
3 entries: Thomas Pynchon, Stanley Elkin,
and Henry Miller
2001: Artkrush, Writers on Art: essay on
Kathy Prendergast’s City Maps
2001: The Paris Review, Issue 158: Writers at Work:
Interview with Rick Moody

2001: Tin House, Issue 8: Lost & Found essay
on Alexander Kluge
2001: BOMB, Summer Issue 2001: Editors Choice review of William Tester’s HEAD
2000: Tin House, Issue 5: Lost & Found section,
short essay on Henry Green
1999: Mississippi Review, Interview Issue,
with Rick Moody
1998: BookForum, review of Ian McEwan’s novel,